Thursday, October 2, 2014

We Saw Savannah on Sunday with Sore Knees and Salt Water Taffy

We didn't make it through even one sentence of Architecture Digest's Tour Savannah, Georgia. We didn't scratch the surface, we didn't even scratch the scratch. But we had a big time and kept our knees somewhat happy.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions here and on Facebook for your Savannah suggestions. We are NOT done with Savannah.

We toured via Historic Savannah Carriage Tours and Felix the horse, we ate at the Moon River Brewing Company. We walked down to River Street and bought saltwater taffy at River Street Sweets Candy Store. Pretty much it.

Thanks to MapMyWalk for the route map. It took about an hour. Here's how we did it:
  • We bought our tickets at the Visitor Center on the corner of MLK and Highway 25.
  • We parked in the Bryan Street Parking Deck, between Bryan, Barnard, Bay Lane and Whittaker. It cost $5 on Sunday. 
  • We boarded our carriage at the corner of MLK and Upper Factors Walk.
  • We cruised by Johnson Square, Wright Square, Chippew Square, Madison Square, Lafayette Square, Colonial Park Cemetery, Oglethorpe Square, and Reynolds Square.
JoAnn and I had three cameras between us and took hundreds of of pictures. But it was no use. We were just along for the ride.

IMG_2956 2014-09-28 Savannah September
We waited for the buggy in front of the Hyatt. That's Prince the horse, not our steed.

IMG_2957 2014-09-28 Savannah September 
We could see City Hall from the our bench.

IMG_2958 2014-09-28 Savannah September
And we're off with Felix in the lead.

20140928_140751 2014-09-28 Savannah September LK Ken K
We were four and two more joined us, plus shorty the dog.

20140928_142232 2014-09-28 Savannah September
And it was too much to grok.

20140928_142012 2014-09-28 Savannah September
There were people everywhere mostly tourists and students I think.

As we rounded Lafayette Square, we caught The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in this wonderful moment.

This is what I'll remember most. The best thing about buildings is people.

IMG_2974 2014-09-28 Savannah September
It took about an hour. Time to check smart phones and figure out where to eat.

The knees recommended across the street at the Moon River Brewing Company, very good pub food at a very good price. JoAnn and I split a beer, just right, all genuine smiles.

Taffy beckoned. We took the steps ramp at East Upper Factors Walk down to East River Street. We took the knee friendly Hyatt elevators back up, not sure if we were supposed to.

IMG_2980 2014-09-28 Savannah September River Street Sweets Candy Store
River Street Sweets Candy Store.

IMG_2979 2014-09-28 Savannah September River Street Sweets Candy Store
Mission accomplished.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear Readers, Please Help Us Plan Sunday in Savannah

Can you help us? Help us make a plan? We are going to spend Sunday - part of Sunday anyway - in Savannah.

I confess that this Architecture Tourist is woefully behind on his Savannah studies.

Last year we saw Beaufort by Buggy with Paul Newman and MaryAnn and it was just delightful.

This is our tour crew last year in Beaufort with Paul Newman. We'll be a bit more mature this time but we'll still wear some snappy outfits, except for me.

GUIDELINES? We don't need no stinkin' guidelines.
We like cool buildings, cool places, cool history, cool stories, and hot climates. Who doesn't? We'll probably get hungry in the process. Some of us (all of us) have some cranky knees so we need to minimize but not eliminate climbing.

IMG_5664 2013-10-04 Southurn Rose Buggy Tours Beaufort SC KK LK JK TK
Thanks so much.

I promise to blog it.