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"Vernacular Cracker" Closing May 28 Re-post: Heather McPherson's Cabbagetown House Portraits

CLOSING: "House Portraits - House Painters - Vernacular Cracker" at VintageATL. Please come.
Thursday, May 28, 2015 at 6:00pm - 9:00pm
VintageATL 517 Flat Shoals Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30316


We have a new pieces by William Mize and Joe Dreher (JoeKingATL).

We have three of Heather McPherson house portraits on loan. Here are re-post that shows some the rest.

Heather's House Portraits of Cabbagetown from January 19, 2012

You should consider commissioning Heather to do a house you love.

Full disclosure #1: Heather McPherson is Sam's daughter. Sam McPherson is my friend, my daughter's too. Katherine and I are especially devoted to Sam as only music students can be devoted to a favorite teacher.

So of course I went to Heather's first solo show at Get This Gallery last Saturday. I've followed Heather and enjoyed her work for a couple of years. If you are an in-town architecture tourist, you've probably seen her work. She's getting somewhere.

Here's Heather, coat on her arm next to my tall son, getting a lot of attention at her opening.

Full disclosure #2: I was and I am touched by her house portraits, plywood cut to shape, drawn and painted. The houses are all in Cabbagetown.

But they are familiar to anyone from a Southern mill-town, including High Point where I grew up.

Full disclosure #3: I am impossibly sentimental. Heather's houses made me remember.

My mom preferred the clothesline even after she got a dryer.

This summer I searched for my grandfather's house in High Point. I couldn't find it. It may be gone and the neighborhood isn't so hot now.

If Heather could have painted it's portrait, maybe his great great grands could know him a bit better.

Cabbagetown is a going concern, a real community in a house museum.


Folks put their yard waste on the curb every week.


This end of the house has some stories to tell.


You can do color in Cabbagetown.


Heather shows them as they are today, modern living in a century old setting.


Not all evolution is elevating.

It's uncanny to see them this way. The real houses are shoulder to shoulder with their neighbors. Cut out and separated, these could be anywhere in the rural south.

But this is how they look. Heather's paintings ring true to me.

Full Disclosure #4: You should consider commissioning Heather to do a house you love before it's gone. Architect: This would be an extraordinary gift for your clients.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Uncanny Plus-Sized Neel Reid Design With 2/3 Fluted Columns

On Saturday I instagrammed (@terrykearns) the picture below from Peachtree Heights. Jason Cook responded. "It's a Neel Reid."

That would explain something: This giant house made me feel great. This is true of all five Neel Reid's I've visited. Have you toured one? The pictures can't capture the feeling.

Why don't we just keep doing them like this?

"Job 503 Robert Alston house 1922-23 HRA. AHS. Grady, pp. 135-41" from J. Neel Reid, Architect: Of Hentz, Reid & Adler and the Georgia School of Classicists by William R. Mitchell Jr.

Though the rooms were cluttered for the estate sale, the spaces seemed perfect to me. 

20150518_14411520150516_144032 2015-05-18 Neel Reid Andrews Drive Job 503 Alston House 1922-23 2/3 fluted Doric columns
It's huge, see the red sweatshirt guy in the doorway? But my brain isn't thinking BIG. It's thinking "pretty" and "harmony" and it's thinking, "These folks have REALLY arrived."

20150516_144139 2015-05-16 Neel Reid Andrews Drive Job 503 Alston House 1922-23
It takes a lot of detailing to get delightful harmony. These closer you look, the more details you see. The double doors open to the kitchen / keeping room.

2015-05-19 Alston Andrews Neel Reid Floorplan
I only saw the public rooms and they were big but no detail called attention to itself. The rooms were compositions in space, proportion and detailing put together for my pleasure.

I didn't notice the details at first, just the feeling.

IMG_20150516_143955 2015-05-16 Neel Reid Andrews Drive Job 503 Alston House 1922-23 chimney
My experience was straightforward but there was nothing simple about it.

But what about these columns?

20150516_144020 2015-05-16 Neel Reid Andrews Drive Job 503 Alston House 1922-23 2/3 fluted Doric columns
What do you call 2/3 fluted columns?

20150516_144032 2015-05-16 Neel Reid Andrews Drive Job 503 Alston House 1922-23 2-third fluted columns portico detail
Looks like brick / column meet-up might have had some rot issues over the years.

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